90-degree Flanged Elbow with Elbow Valve



90-degree flanged elbow, flanged valves, and hot oil transfer lines are often left uninsulated. Without insulation, a tremendous amount of heat is lost.


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This is a project in Stamford, Connecticut, where we have to insulate several hundred feet of a 5-inch jacketed asphalt line, as well as several hundred feet of three-quarter inch hot oil supply and return lines.

What you are looking at right here is a very common situation. You have a 90-degree flanged elbow with a flanged valve, and then three-quarter inch hot oil transfer hoses.

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Many insulators and plant personnel fail to insulate flanged 90’s, flanged valves, and the three-quarter hot oil transfer lines. This is a big heat loss, and hard to insulate. But, that is what we specialize in: making sure that everything that is hot gets insulated.

As you can see here, we have an additional 40 feet of three-quarter hot oil pipe and 5-inch jacketed asphalt pipe, insulated with 1 ½ inch thick fiberglass pipe insulation, jacketed with stucco embossed aluminum, secured with stainless steel sheet metal screws. All of the seams are overlapped by approximately 2 inches. They are also interlocked in a watershed position. Everything is aligned in a straight line for good finished appearance.

Additionally what we have done here is taken the edge on the aluminum jacketing, and folded it under. This is called a safety hem. What it does is provide a thicker joint to secure the screw in, it makes the seam lay nice and tight.



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