Asphalt Insulation Project – Montgomery New York



Asphalt Insulation Project – Montgomery, New York

These videos where taken in Montgomery, New York, where we were contracted to insulate irregular asphalt plant surfaces. These surfaces are difficult to insulate and are many time left exposed to the elements by other insulating companies.

Below are a few short videos that show what we have insulated at this facility to improve energy efficiency and maintain hot oil temperatures.



Finished Asphalt Tank Head Insulation

This video shows a finished tank repair at an asphalt plant in Montgomery, New York. Everything was installed in a watershed fashion to keep water out. The client was very pleased at the outcome.

Watch Video (:24 min)


Tank Repair Using 2-inch Fiberglass Board

This is a tank head repair on the bottom half of a hot oil tank. We used fiberglass board to match the thickness. We use adhesive and stainless steel screws to secure the insulation.

Watch Video (1:15 min)


Insulating Irregular Surfaces

Irregular surfaces are commonly left uninsulated by other insulation companies, because they are difficult and time consuming. The result is well worth the effort.

Watch Video (2:01 min)