Energy Savings

Energy Savings:  Insulating Your Facility Reduces Your Fuel Costs!

save energy by insulating your asphalt plant's hot pipes
There are numerous reasons and benefits associated with insulating your asphalt facility like increased safety and improved operations, but the most convincing reason to insulate your plant is the year to year reduction in energy cost.

How much fuel savings can be expected from insulating hot asphalt pipes in your facility?

The amount of energy savings may surprise you! The thermal losses and transmission/distribution of energy generally waste more than half the original fuel BTU content 1. The savings for each asphalt plant is unique – it really depends on the size of your facility, energy purchase price, and the amount of exposed hot piping, valves, flanges, and flexible hoses.

Consider the theoretical examples below to give you an idea of the amount of savings that you could receive during a typical operating season.

For a complete energy audit and an estimate of your fuel savings, speak to one of our insulation experts today – 855-867-8200.

Theoretical Energy Savings – By Insulating Your Facility:

  • 1 1/2" Insulated Pipe – saves 3,170,160 BTUs per foot / per season
    Estimated Savings = $18.65 per foot / per season *
  • 1 1/2" Flanged Valve – saves 10,303,020 BTUs per hour / per season / per valve
  • Estimated Savings = $60.61 per valve / per season *

  • 1 1/2" Line Flange – saves 5,584,320 BTUs per hour / per season / per flange
  • Estimated Savings = $32.85 per flange / per season *


Benefits of Insulating Your Asphalt Facility:
•  Hotter Asphalt
•  Workplace Safety
•  Reduction In Fuel Costs


* Estimated Savings is based on average energy costs and an operating temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit – your actual energy savings may be different


1 "Life-Cycle View Of Insulation Investments" (1996-2014). National Insulation Association – Techs & Specs.

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