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Our Best Fabricated Hot Pipe Insulation

We carry both above ground and below ground Fabricated Pipe Insulation products to meet your specific application and temperature need. Our hot pipe insulation products are made by Foamular, Foamglas®, SARAN®, and mineral wool.

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Cellular Glass

Cellglass has a high temperature limit and high compressive strength as well as high solvent resistance and no wicking. Common uses include condensation control and hot piping. Cellglass is widely accepted as the preferred material in numerous applications including above-ground and underground piping vessels, structures and tank foundations. Even under the most severe moisture conditions cellglass insulation does not absorb water, lose insulating effectiveness or deteriorate. Cellglass is inert, noncombustible, lightweight, easy to cut, and strong and stable over a temperature range of -450 degrees Farenheit to +900 degrees Farenheit.



Extruded Polystyrene

XPS has a higher moisture resistance than many insulations combined with low dust. Typically used as fabricated pipe insulation for low-temperature pipe applications. The unique closed cell structure of extruded polystyrene insulation makes it highly resistant to moisture while retaining its R-value year after year even following prolonged exposure to humidity, condensation, ground water and freeze/thaw cycling. Tough compressive strength adds to the significant performance benefits of extruded polysytrene. XPS is not recommended where sustained temperatures exceed 140 degrees Farenheit.




Iso has exceptional dimensional stability over a wide operating range, combined with excellent insulating properties. Common uses include condensation control, process temperature control, and hanger supports.



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