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Irregular components like valves, flanges, pumps, and flexible braided hoses are not easy to insulate. There is a large amount of energy loss if these areas are left uninsulated.



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This is another pump that was insulated by Louis. Same thing – there are a lot of irregular components. There are valves, flanges, pumps, flexible braided hoses, and just a lot of irregular surfaces that are most commonly left uninsulated by other insulating contractors. Then we have a 3” fill line which runs from the loading pump, up a tank sidewall. This is a vertical asphalt storage tank. We have 40 feet of 3” asphalt piping insulation with aluminum skin. We have 90 degree aluminum elbows with a flange cover.

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Then moving over hear, we have 1 inch and ½ hot oil pipe which runs alongside a horizontal asphalt storage tank and goes over to another loading pump which Louis has insulated. Same thing, this area is not easy to insulate. Big heat loss. Big upgrade in fuel savings if that is covered. And then moving over here, we have about 40 linear feet of 1 inch and ½ of pipe times two – maybe 75 to 80 feet, and a couple of 45 degree elbows. All of this is put on with a water shed position and secured with sheet metal screws. Any place were water could enter, has been sealed with silicone caulk. Everything is real tight and looks good. Also, we have some flexible, braided hot oil hoses. Insulating them provides fuel efficiency and provides personnel protection.



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