Tank Head Insulation Upgrade



Tank Head Insulation Upgrade: This is the end of a hot oil asphalt tank, where the insulation has been cut away and the heating element upgraded.


Voice of Ray Braun, Energy Advisor
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After the heating element is upgraded on a storage tank, the insulation is patched at the end of the tank.

This is another application that we frequently encounter, when the owners of a small plant want to upgrade the heating in their storage tank.

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They either strip away some of the existing insulation, cut a hole in the end of the tank, maybe insert a hot oil coil. In this instance, this is some kind of electric heating element which will be used to heat this tank. Once this improvement in heating (either through electric coils or hot oil coils) has been made, we have to go back and patch the end of this tank.

This is a second application of this that I have encountered recently, and I have another one of these to look at later today in Bridgeport, Connecticut.



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