Tank Repair Using 2-inch Fiberglass Board



We frequently insulated hot oil tanks at asphalt plants. We insulated the bottom half of this tank head.


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What you are looking at is a tank head that we are repairing the bottom half. This is also pretty typical or a common situation that we encounter in hot mix asphalt plants. On this tank, we used a 2” thick fiberglass board to match the existing thickness. After all of the insulation was in place, we covered it with the Venture clad, stucco embossed aluminum laminate. What Louis is doing right now, is using a squeegee to improve the adhesion. This is an excellent product.

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It’s easier to work with than aluminum jacketing and particularly when there are cut outs that have to be made. It can be cut with scissors or a razor knife. What Louis is doing right now is pulling the venture clad around the tank sidewall. In addition to the adhesive that adheres this, we are going to put in some stainless steel screws with washers, so that it never comes off.



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